South Australian Presenters Association (SAPA)

Where performing arts meets audience

Formed in 2013, SAPA is a state association representing South Australian performing arts presenters. SAPA aims to develop and maintain networks in the performing arts industry and to support and assist members with programming within their venue.

As a support mechanism, SAPA will look to increase the professionalism of the management and operation of South Australian performing arts venues and foster cultural leadership across the state. Being part of a larger association will enable the development of collaborative approaches and build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, promoting the value and needs of members to Local and State Governments.

SAPA works collaboratively with other state based venue associations across Australia to contribute to the goals and objectives of PAC.  SAPA also aims to encourage increased public participation and interest in the performing arts and the arts in all its forms, and to create opportunities to promote state-wide touring.

SAPA sponsors an annual forum for presenters and producers of performing arts to share knowledge, experience and ideas for the betterment of the performing arts industry in South Australia.

Our Goals

  • To promote best practice in the business of presenting
  • To promote South Australian Performing Arts venues as vibrant and viable
  • To increase access to high quality arts and entertainment experiences for all South Australian communities
  • To increase opportunities for producers of performing arts and entertainment to show/tour their work
  • To develop SAPA as sustainable, proactive and inclusive